Network Info Explained

L16 Execution Network Status Explained

Best Block

The Best Block is last valid block with the highest amount of accumulated work in it on the main LUKSO Blockchain.


Uncles are orphaned blocks that were mined just after someone else found the correct block header. Ethereum treats orphaned blocks different than other blockchain systems by including them in the blockchain and rewarding miner for them. Ethstats displays the current block’s uncle count and uncle count of the last 50 blocks.

Last Block

Ethstats displays the elapsed time since the last block was mined. On the current L16 Stats Page the time is set for 6 seconds. This might change for mainnet.

Average Block Time

The average time between block generation, not including uncles.

Average Network Hashrate

The number of hashes per second processed by miners on the network in order to find a new block. The Network in this case being miners reporting to Ethstats.


The number of hashes per second processed by miners on the network in order to find a new block. The Network in this case being miners reporting to Ethstats.

Active Nodes

The number of nodes currently connected to the Ethstats service.

Gas Price

Gas Price is the current price miners will accept for processing a transaction.

Page Latency

The latency in time between a rendered Etherstats front-end dashboard (in your web browser) and it’s backend data service.


The amount of time Etherstats has been running since started or re-started.

Geo Locations

Location of LUKSO nodes reporting to Etherstats.

Blocktime Chart

Blocktime averages over time.

Difficulty Chart

Difficulty over time.

Block Propagation

Block Propagation tracks the speed in which blocks are shared between nodes connected to Ethstats.

Last Block Miners

Nodes that found the most Block. (Uncles not included).

Uncle Count

Uncle Count displays the number of Uncles generated. Each bar represents 25 blocks.


Displays the number of transactions included in the latest blocks.

Gas Spending

The amount of Gas spent on transactions in recent blocks.

Node Name

The name of the node reporting to Ethstats.

Node Type

Type and architecture of connected Ethereum nodes. Common node types are Geth, Ethminer and Parity.

Node Latency

The latency in time between the reporting node and Ethstats.

Node Miner Hash Rate

The hash rate the node reporting to Ethstats.

Node Peers

Number of peers connected to a specific node.

Pending Transactions

Number of transaction pending for a specific node.

Node Last Block

The Last Bock a specific node is aware of.

Block Transactions

Number of transactions a blow is aware of and pending. These transactions will be added to the next block.

Node Uncles

Number of Uncles a node has reported creating.

Last Block Time

The last time a node was aware of a Block being created.

Propagation Time

How long block takes to propagate to a node over time.

Average Propagation Time

The average time it takes to propagate a block to this node.

Node Uptime

Node Uptime reports the percentage of time a node has reported as running since connected to Ethstats.

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